Taste of DC interview with Celebrity Chef Kaimana Chee of Uncles Hawaiian Grinds in Fallston, Md

Very appreciative of this interview. Chef Kaimana had just performed an amazing show and was on his way to a multi country tour…🌍

And still took the time to do this interview! πŸ™πŸΎ

You cant see it but below the camera was his travel bags for his next flight! ✈

In this episode we spoke about…

How he got started in the industry & what role networking played in that🀝

The variety of dishes that Hawaiian restaurants have that most people are not aware of!πŸ˜‹

How they keep things fresh & support the local farms

Something very unique he “personally” does to up the experience for his guests!🎸🎡

Also details on his Chef tour!

If you’re looking to reach Chef Kaimana you can find him on…

Facebook Kaimana Chee

Instagram @kaimana77

Restaurant http://www.eatatuncles.com

I want to say thanks again to Chef Kaimana for taking the time to do this interview!